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Providing quality full service repairs for all makes & models including Honda and Acura.

Inspections & Ignitions


Routine inspections are one of the most important check up procedures that can be done to your car. Not only is it important to keep your car inspected, but your ignition is also something that needs to be checked and repaired over time. We make sure to offer quality inspections and ignition repairs for each and every one of our customers.

Over time, there are many problems that can occur to motor vehicles that would cause them to need repair and maintenance. All of our certified technicians know how to test each subsystem of your vehicle to industry standards. if problems exist, we will fix each of these problems carefully and affordably.

Phil's Excellent Auto Service Diagnostic
Phil's Excellent Auto Service Electrical Work


Electrical Work

Our repair shop offers a high quality diagnostic services for your engine and many other car parts. Our system instantly determines the cause of any check engine light issuers or electrical problems your car might be having. Our quality diagnostics cover all vehicles including Hondas, Acuras, and many more.

A healthy electrical system is the key to having a  smooth running vehicle. Batteries, Starters, and Alternators are three of the biggest electrical problems that we come across every day in our shop. Not only do we fix these types of problems, but we also fix electrical problems for radio sound systems, front headlights, and rear headlights.

Phil's Excellent Auto Service Brakes
Phil's Excellent Auto Service AC & Heat Repair

AC & Heat Repair


Having a comfortable car for you and your passengers can be very difficult when your car's heating and air conditioning units have failed. Our repair team is certified to fix all of your heating and air conditioning problems so you can enjoy driving  your car again.

A quick routine break check can end up saving you plenty of money over time and even your life! Don t wait until your break light comes on to get your breaks checked. By that time, you might already need to pay a large sum of money to get them fixed. Come in and get your breaks checked today!

Phil's Excellent Auto Service Tires
Phil's Excellent Auto Service Alignments



Every year, pot holes cause massive damage to the alignment of many vehicles on the road. Misaligned wheels can cause long term damage to your tires and tie rods. With our routine alignments, you can save your tires before they become too damaged to restore.

Getting a flat tire can be very frustrating and inconvenient for anyone with a vehicle. If not prepared, you can be stranded on the side of the road for hours at a time. Our professionals are here to repair flat and punctured tires in the instance of an emergency. We also replace unrepairable flat tires in a timely fashion. With our help, you will be back on the road in no time!

Phil's Excellent Auto Service Engine Repair
Phil's Excellent Auto Service Transmissions


Engine Repair

Replacing or repairing a transmission can average thousands of dollars on average. Here at Phil's Excellent Auto Service, we offer clean cut transmission repairs at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We also make sure to give our customers quality transmissions rather than their beat up junk yard counterparts.

The backbone of every single vehicle is none other than the engine. When it comes to engine repair, there are many things that need to be looked at before a repair is done. These include engine diagnosis, oil levels, spark plugs, air filters, PCV valves, timing belts, brake fluids, and many more! If you are having any engine troubles, stop by today!

1841 South 24th Street  |  Philadelphia, Pa 19145


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